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Compassionate Care Whenever You Need It: Dr. Vikalp is Always Ready to Help You Reclaim Your Mobility and Comfort.

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Urgent Orthopedic Assistance: Dr. Vikalp is Here to Provide Immediate Support for Your Emergency Needs.

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At Dr. Vikalp's Orthopedic Practice, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care and innovative treatments tailored to each patient's unique needs. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on restoring mobility and enhancing quality of life, we strive to be your trusted partner in orthopedic wellness.

At Dr. Vikalp's Orthopedic Practice, we are your dedicated partners in restoring mobility and enhancing your quality of life

  • Your Partner in Orthopedic Excellence
  • Compassionate Care, Exceptional Results
  • Empowering Movement, Enhancing Lives
  • Where Expertise Meets Compassion
  • Innovative Orthopedic Solutions for Your Wellbein
  • Restoring Mobility, Renewing Hope

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Specialized Orthopedic Services Tailored to Your Needs


Empowering Movement, Elevating Lives: Our Comprehensive Orthopedic Solutions

Joint Replacement Surgery

Regain Your Mobility and Rediscover Freedom with Our Advanced Joint Replacement Surgeries. Experience Personalized Care and Expertise Every Step of the Way at Dr. Vikalp's Orthopedic Practice.

Total Knee Replacement

Experience Life Without Limits: Total Knee Replacement Surgery Tailored to Your Needs. Trust Dr. Vikalp's Expertise for Personalized Care and Lasting Results.

Total Hip Replacement

Rediscover Mobility and Comfort with Total Hip Replacement Surgery. Trust Dr. Vikalp's Precision and Expertise for Optimal Results and Improved Quality of Life..

Spine Surgery

Relieve Pain and Restore Functionality with Advanced Spine Surgery Options. Dr. Vikalp's Expertise Ensures Personalized Care and Long-Term Spinal Health.

Ligament Repair

Restore Stability and Flexibility with Expert Ligament Repair Procedures. Dr. Vikalp's Precision and Care Ensure Optimal Recovery and Functionality.

Trauma Surgery

Rapid Response, Expert Care: Trauma Surgery Tailored to Your Needs. Trust Dr. Vikalp for Compassionate Support and Effective Treatment in Critical Moments.

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